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Senior Residence

Springhill Rehabilitation and Senior Residence is a 151-bed, skilled nursing facility located on the Springhill Medical Center campus, dedicated to providing quality short term rehabilitation care and long-term care, while fostering a homelike social environment.

Sleep Center

Sleep disorders can affect either the ability to achieve and maintain restful nighttime sleep or can cause excessive daytime sleepiness. Disorders associated with the daytime sleepiness may seriously interfere with daytime productivity or quality of life.

Structural Heart/Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

If you have severe aortic stenosis, medication and lifestyle changes may not be enough to relieve your symptoms. But surgery to repair the valve can be risky if you’re older than 65 or have other health conditions. 

At Springhill Medical Center, you have another option. With transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), we can give you a new aortic valve without opening your chest. For many patients, TAVR offers relief from chest pain and shortness of breath without the risks of open heart surgery. 


At Springhill Medical Center, we pride ourselves on being the most technologically advanced health care provider in southern Alabama. In this effort, it is crucial to have the most up-to-date surgical techniques and equipment. Our surgical doctors are expertly trained in all of the latest procedures as well. Being technologically advanced saves the patient time in recovery and lessens post surgical pain.