Springhill Medical Center now offers the REAL® Immersive System, an advanced rehabilitation technology that utilizes virtual reality designed to provide a safe and confidence-inspiring environment for patients. The immersive, full presence system offers multiple rehabilitation and wellness activities to support motor learning, cognitive function, memory, and relaxation.

An effective rehabilitation program can help patients achieve their ultimate goal of improved cognitive and/or physical function. To be considered effective, therapy must be performed with more intensity and frequency over longer time periods which can lead to better outcomes.3

Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality (VR) is a hardware and software technology that has been shown to motivate patients to adhere to their prescribed course of rehabilitation. Furthermore, VR can be used to improve range of motion and induce neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. 3,5

Virtual Reality transports patients to a virtual world in which they feel fully immersed. In this virtual environment, patients view their body as a virtual image (avatar) engaged in activities that would not be feasible in the actual world.

The full presence, virtual avatar mirrors every movement a patient makes in real time, which helps the brain accept the avatar as the patient’s own body.4 Virtual reality software also often employs popular video game elements such as variability, rewards, and progress tracking to maximize patient enjoyment and engagement. Collectively, these virtual reality features may encourage patient compliance with a rehabilitation plan.2,6

What is the REAL Immersive System?

REAL System is an FDA-cleared, advanced rehabilitation technology that uses virtual reality to deliver engaging therapeutic and wellness experiences. Purpose built for healthcare, REAL System offers customizable sessions and objective progress tracking. REAL System transports rehabilitation patients to a fully immersive, virtual world with an expanding library of REAL Activities and adjustable settings to support the individual needs of high-acuity to high-functioning patients.

REAL Activities promote:

  • Upper Body
  • Core and Balance
  • Cognition
  • Distraction
  • Functional Tasks, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training
  • Low Stimulation Environments

Upon wearing the headset, the patient is immediately immersed in a virtual world with REAL Activities, where common repetitive exercises are replaced by fun and engaging experiences.

Sample activities:
  • Test your patient’s reaction time and reflexive movement in the Sports Park activities, scoring points by blocking or dodging a flying fish.
  • Work on training for activities of daily living (ADL) by placing colorful birds in their nests.
  • Support full range of motion and upper body strength in the Sunrise activities that exercise shoulder flexion and postural symmetry.
  • Create artistic compositions to support stress management and pain distraction.

All activities are to be performed by adult patients in a seated or equivalent position, as prescribed and supervised by a healthcare professional.