Employee of the Year: Abby Wilson

Posted On: May 17, 2018

Cited for her every-day priceless employee values, Abby Wilson, MSN, RN, was recognized as Springhill Medical Center’s Employee of the Year during hospital week.

Abby Wilson, MSN

On May 17, Springhill presented Abby with various prizes, including a preferred employee parking spot and a plaque for this annual award. She has been with the hospital since November 2013 and is currently Springhill’s Patient Satisfaction Coordinator.

According to her nomination submission, “Abby exhibits and demonstrates professionalism, respect, integrity, caring/compassion, excellence, listening, smile, sharing/teamwork while interacting with patients, families, co-workers, and anyone else she comes in contact with on a daily basis. Abby has a special way of interacting with Springhill’s patients and families. It is truly unmatched by anyone else.”

Each year employees are asked to nominate a co-worker who they feel best demonstrates the PRICELESS values that Springhill promotes.

Abby’s nomination highlighted her consistent leadership by setting a good example. “She always looks, speaks, and behaves professionally when speaking with patients and their family members. She is an old soul who believes in taking care of not only our patients and families, but her co-workers as well. She organizes meals or prayers when needed. She doesn’t do these things for recognition; but because of her compassion to care for others.

“She takes her many roles/responsibilities very serious and strives to do the absolute best job possible by incorporating careful planning, preparation, execution and review of her duties/tasks on a daily basis. She has led the Nurses Week celebration over the last few years and strives to make it bigger and better. She doesn’t just complete a task; she completes it with excellence and with maximum effort.

“Listening is her finest attribute, next to her work ethic. Abby listens to every newly admitted patient each day and any concerns they may have. This might be 40 to 60 patients per day! Abby treats the last patient just as if they were the first patient by listening to their concerns with the same attention she gave to the first patient. 

“Abby knows that one person can complete a task and call it done, but a team can move mountains to impact change. Abby is always willing to lead or help with projects or committees. She doesn’t even leave work until she has asked everyone in the office if there is anything she can do to help. If someone isn’t in the office she will text them to make sure they do not need anything before she leaves.”

In addition to Abby, this year’s Employee of the Year nominees were: Melody Dow, Cory Silvers, and Tammy Weaver.