Your body is the most important investment in your life.
It's priceless, so begin investing in your future NOW.
Live life healthy.  Live life WELL.

Why SMC Corporate Wellness?

Body of Wellth is an investment in your company’s most valuable resource – your employees. The return on your investment in our FREE corporate wellness program will impress you!

Creating a wellness culture in the workplace offers a number of benefits:

  • Improve Employee Health Behaviors
  • Build and Help Sustain Higher Employee Morale
  • Sustain a Safer Work Environment
  • Reduce Spread of Infections
  • Reduce Elevated Health Risks
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Lower Stress
  • Reduce Depression

What's the Impact to Your Company's Bottom Line?

To a company’s bottom line, SMC’s Corporate Wellness Program can make a significant impact:

  • Boost Productivity
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Increase Employee Adaptability
  • Bring Employees Together and Build Camaraderie
  • Lower Absenteeism
  • Reduce Tardiness
  • Reduce Health Care Costs
  • Help Employee Recruitment and Retention

Even more exciting, while Corporate Wellness Programs can become part of a corporate lifestyle and philosophy, employees are having fun, are more motivated and appreciate all of these benefits!

Ms. Celia Wallace

At Springhill Medical Center we place significant value on improving the health and well-being of our community. By offering our area employers on-site wellness education, health screenings and support for their wellness initiatives, we’re able to make a difference. As a leading healthcare provider, we see every day the impact our Corporate Wellness Program has on keeping individuals healthy, happy and committed to maintaining good health.

Ms. Celia Wallace — Owner, Southern Medical Health Systems

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