Super Nurse Nappie Winner!

Posted On: August 22, 2023

Ashlee Norris

Congratulations to Super Nurse Winner Ashlee Norris, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM - Lagniappe Nappie Awards 2023!

Norris has worked at SMC for more than 13 years.  She started right out of nursing school in 2010. After several years at SMC, Norris became a charge nurse and obtained two national certifications: RNC-OB (national certification in inpatient obstetrics) and C-EFM (national certification in electronic fetal monitoring).

"I had dreamed of being a labor & delivery nurse, so I was ecstatic to get this job," Norris recalls. "I am so grateful to be a part of the fantastic labor & delivery team here at Springhill. I know this is where I belong and where I hope to stay for the rest of my career!"

Originally from Monroe County, Norris moved to Mobile in 2007 to attend school and continued living here until 2018. She then moved back to her hometown in Monroe County and commutes to work.

Norris previously won the Super Nurse Nappie Award in 2021 - the inaugural year for the award.  She was a finalist again in 2022, but wasn't eligible to win because she was no longer employed in either Mobile or Baldwin counties.

"I am so grateful to have won the Super Nurse Nappie Award again!" she said. "To me, Super Nurse means someone who exhibits leadership and excellence in their area, and it is an absolute honor that I received this award. To even be nominated is a great honor, knowing that someone feels that way about me. So many people have told me they were voting for me, and I just can’t tell you how much that means to me. I take my job very seriously, and I absolutely love what I do, so to have others see my love for it reiterates even more that I am doing what I’m meant to be doing."

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