Sounding the Alarm on CO Poisoning

Posted On: September 8, 2022

CO alarm donation
SMC's Center for Wound Care/Hyperbarics donated a CO alarm to Florida family.

The donation of several carbon monoxide alarms (CO) is leading to safer families for our area.  SMC's Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine donated a CO alarm to a Florida family recently.  The alarm was part of a donation from the Jenkins Foundation, the mission of which is to keep families safe from the dangers of CO poisoning at home or while traveling.

In addition to physical effects, the aftermath of CO poisoning can be overwhelming and traumatic for both survivors and their families. The Jenkins Foundation was formed by family members of two people who did not survive CO poisoning. 

CO poisoning happens in all kinds of places - homes, tents, cars, boats, RVs, restaurants, churches, office buildings, schools ... in all areas of the country and to all kinds of people. More than 400 people die from CO poisoning every year in the U.S. and thousands suffer injury.  The Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of all deaths and injuries from carbon monoxide and works to build increased awareness of the danger and to advocate for improved safety standards to better protect people. 

Springhill Medical Center's Hyperbaric Program is the only one from Gulfport, MS, to Orlando, Florida, that treats emergency based CO poisoning injuries.