Living Heart Healthy


Women’s Heart Health


Cholesterol Management

Managing Your Cholesterol


Diabetes Education

Understanding Diabetes

There are many videos on the web about Diabetes.  Take a look at the American Diabetes Association YouTube page.

You can find real life stories, doctor and researcher interviews and more.

How to use an Insulin Pen


How to Use Insulin with a Syringe


Checking Your Blood Sugar


Exercise Physiology

Daily Steps to Shaping-Up

Weight Loss:  Calculating your Basil Metabolic Rate

Health Screenings

Know Your Numbers:  Understanding and Monitoring Your Lab Results

Infection Control

Avoiding Flu and Managing Germs


The Spine: An Owner’s Manual

Stroke Symptoms – Time is Critical


Making Healthy Choices


Mako Robotic Surgery- Knee Replacement/Hip Replacement


Smoking Cessation

Radiology/Breast Center

Women’s Health- Advancements in 3D Mammography

Robotic Surgery

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Senior Care

Making Care Choices for Transitioning Our Elderly

Sleep Disorders

Identifying and Treating Sleep Disorders

Staff Development

Positivity in the Workplace

Urology and Oncology

Prostate Health